Shutting down VNSplit is no longer operational as at July 25th, 2023

AI summarized voice notes for iMessage and WhatsApp

Get powerful and extremely detailed AI summary of your voicenotes in seconds. Get rid of all the quirkiness of listening to voice notes on IMessage and Whatsapp by having AI send you a summary of the voice note instead.

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Built to fit right in your workflow

No App download. Just subscribe to any plan and provide your iMessage or whatsapp number to Stripe. You will then get a message from the AI bot. Forward future messages to that number.

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No App to download

Get started in seconds. You do not have to leave IMessage or Whatsapp to get started. Just forward the message and you get a response almost immediately

Privacy built in

We delete all voice messages immediately after they have been summarized. We also do not keep a copy of the summarized text sent to you

Lightning fast

Powered by Open AI technologies, we aim to deliver results in as low as 2 - 20 seconds depending on the length of the audio

Multilingual support

We currently support 50+ languages and can provide extremely accurate summary of these languages. So send all your voice notes to us.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free plan?

Not at this time but there is a free trial for a few days. The cheapest plan is around $2/month

Do you store my Voice notes?

No we do not. We delete all audio messages immediately after the summary is sent to you.

Do you store summaries?

No we do not. We never persist summaries to our database. Infact the only thing we store is your subscription cycle information

How do I forward my voice notes?

iMessage does not allow forwarding of VNs. So you have to copy from the chat and paste in the chat with the AI number

Do you train your AI with my voice notes

No we do not. Neither do we have any plans to do this in the future

Do I need to download an app?

No you do not. Just forward your voice note on iMessage. The number will be provided after you subscribe to any of our plans

Why do you need my phone number?

We need your phone number to send you your summaries

How fast does it take to send a summary?

This is dependent on the duration of the voice note but most voice notes should be summarized in 2 - 20 seconds

How does billing work?

All payments are securely processed by Stripe

I am a paid subscriber. How do i manage my subcription?

Please click the Manage my subscription button right on the top of this page

I need to speak to a real human

Please send us an email ( [email protected] )

Does group messaging work?

Yes. Group messaging is only available for the Premium and Ultimate plans

My voice notes are not in English. Can I Still use this?

Yes. Over 10 languages are supported

Is this available for Whataspp?

Yes. this works on Whatsapp too

I just changed my phone number

Please update your phone number in the Stripe subscription portal so you can keep getting summaries